Specific UV
By JP Grund
​I got tired of all the oral anti-biotics after the third successive prescription to alleviate my reoccurring sinus infections. So, given my heavily earned long-term experience on the subject, I realized that the bacteria necessary to continually infect sinuses has to be slowly moving so it has time to reproduce and it has to have darkness while it reproduces; either one missing, and it can’t reproduce. As we all know polyps provide the interruption in movement of mucus through the sinus. All the other items necessary for the bacteria to live in the sinus, such as air, moistness, and darkness, are always present; it’s only when the movement is interrupted that the bacteria gets a chance to grow.
I realized a long time ago that ultraviolet light destroys the genetics of certain phyla of bacteria that can only survive in darkness. As we know, there are many commercial applications of UV light to help rid the body of many ailments from psoriasis to flesh-eating bacteria, etc, etc. However, those lights are neon and can’t possibly get into tight specific spaces that bacteria love to grow.
Therefore I created an LED-sourced ultraviolet light that is tiny enough to go into the sinus. I’ve overdriven the LED slightly to shorten the wavelength from its specified 430nm typical peak emission down to shorter than 400nm, thus obtaining a spectrum that should go short enough to reach wavelengths nearing 350nm. This is well within an anti-bacterial range. I’m calling the device:
‘Specific UV’.
The results have been more than stellar. As a matter of fact, it’s so good that I’m its biggest cynic; I find all this very hard to believe, yet these are the results so far. Within the first five seconds of the first test application in my right sinus, which was infected and closed totally shut, it completely opened. It drained what mucus was there, but immediately stopped producing more mucus and has stayed dry ever since. It begs the question of why did it dry-up? Could it be because, for the first time ever, there were no breeding bacteria in the sinus for the body to constantly scramble to move out of the body by over-producing mucus to move it out? Was it because that was the first time since I caught that baseball with my nose at the beginning of ninth grade back in 1975 that my sinuses have been free of both infection and anti-biotics at the same time?
I continued testing. I went into the swollen portions of the left sinus and actually inserted the UV light in between closed tissues, using Glad Cling Wrap for isolation, and exposed the tissues for less than fifteen seconds. The left sinus immediately deflated, drained, and stopped over-producing mucus; just like the right sinus just before it. The next day I exposed the left sinus much more deeply for over 45 seconds because it was much more open and accessible without touching any tissues; I held it in the middle of the sinus cavity and allowed the UV light to expose the inner tissues more thoroughly without any direct contact whatsoever. I repeated the procedure in the right sinus.
Please notice I have yet to return for more prescription medicine. Though these results as of, April 26, 2012, were very preliminary, my sinuses appeared cured. The next test was to go back in the water to bodysurf; real surfing never did infect my sinus because my head is never underwater long enough, but bodysurfing seems to always inundate my head and sinuses.
Moving forward, as of May 30, 2012, my continued use of Specific UV had started to bring back my sense of smell that had been gone for over 15 years since the last sinus polyp surgery back in Atlanta. I have yet to touch Fluticasone again. Also, Lynn got a blocked sinus that evidently had an infection because when she finally used Specific UV, her sinus opened, drained, and dumped an infection into her stomach that kept her down for a day. Now she’s fine with no sinus issues whatsoever. We use it daily as an anti-histamine at the very least.
H1 Histamine Receptor
• The H1 histamine receptors are found on smooth muscle, in central nervous system tissue and in endothelium--the thin, cellular lining on the inside of blood vessels. The various reactions of histamine on the H1 receptor include sinus swelling, rashes, and pain and itching due to insect stings. The latter often includes swelling. In short, the H1 receptors are generally responsible for allergic reactions.
Read more: Causes of Histamine Swelling | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5091502_causes-histamine-swelling.html#ixzz1xzA2Rsi2
On June 20, 2012, I wrote the following email to my ENT Doctor: “Last night I woke with my right sinus polyp fully inflated and almost fully obstructing my right sinus. While I was laying there awake, suddenly something fell into my right ear to the point of muting my hearing in that ear; the Eustachian tube remained clear, no pain, and no pressure. So I grabbed my Specific UV and exposed my right sinus polyp to the ultraviolet light for almost two minutes; the polyp slowly deflated and the flow of mucus ceased. I then went into my right ear with Specific UV and exposed just the outer canal as deeply as possible, but not too deeply; the device simply won’t go in too far. In the first ten seconds my right sinus and the right sinus polyp completely opened and resulted in a cavernous breathing airway; very nice! How did UV exposure in the ear deflate a sinus polyp on the same side? However, the muted symptom remains. It seems to be getting better with more exposures, but it’s slow. Suggestions?”
The good doctor replied, “Hi Jay, I would increase the flonase nasal spray to 2 sprays each nostril three times a day for one week then back to twice a day.
Hope this helps,
Aloha and all the Best,
Dr. S.”
To which I replied, “I stopped using Flonase and any other sinus medication back when I invented the first prototype for my Specific UV and have not used any of it since. That goes for Flonase, Fluticasone, Amoxicillin, Cipro, any prescription medications, and any and all OTC sinus medications to date. I actually gave my last bottle of Fluticasone to Dr. Zaar; he said I’d retire before him. He’s a funny guy and a good doctor. I’m currently under Patent Pending, among other applications in process, and have six units in stock currently for sale at $99.95 each. Website to come. Got any applicable patients??”
In September, 2012, Specific UV was officially granted Patent Pending status. I actually called The Patent Office to find what else needed to be done and confirm Patent Pending status, which is confirmed.

By this time my sinuses were almost free of any polyps, though we all know modern medical science says they never go away without surgery, I was using Specific UV only after swimming, in both sinuses and ears for 15 seconds each, and whenever a flare-up would occur, which were becoming almost non-existent by September 2012. My hemorrhoids were gone and any flare was fixed. Mouth sores seem to cure quickly and even more quickly when used in conjunction with saline. At this time we’re moving into using dark liquids as photic-sensitive additives; currently researching.
By June, 2014, Specific UV had been snatched by the Licensing department of a Developer who has been trying to find a manufacturer. In the meantime, the list of alleviated ailments Specific UV has alleviated has grown to include everything from Athletes' Foot to Meningitis to Pancreatitis to Chronic Diarrhea and much more. I know, I don't believe it either; but it keeps working!
JP Grund
Elaine C. - "My two year old grandson had a bit of a runny nose, not real bad but enough that we were constantly grabbing a Kleenex and he also had what appeared to maybe be the start of pink eye or a cold in his eyes. Well I decided what the heck let’s try this. I used it in both nostrils for ~15 seconds and in each ear for good measure, since he is prone to ear infections. In less than 1 minute it was like his nasal cavities just dumped everything out in one swoop. Now this lasted for about one and half hours and he started running just a little bit, but the next day his eyes were clear."
Mark S. - "My Swimmers' Ear is cured and hasn't come back."
Chase S. - "Btw my brown hole is blue and irritant free thanks for the UV."​